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3 min readNov 18, 2020


Thirsty Heroes box art. Shows 3 Heroes standing at a medieval bar with drinks and various cards and coins on top of the bar.

We are so thrilled to announce our upcoming game, Thirsty Heroes! It’s a dungeon-crawling business sim game with turn-based deckbuilding combat elements, and we aim to release it in Summer of 2021 for PC and Mobile devices.

In the game, you take on the role of Quartermaster in service of an inept King. He requires treasure for the royal vault, but you’re not one to enter dungeons yourself. Instead you hire patrons from the local tavern to do the dirty work for you; negotiating their fee and using the profits to expand your operation.

A purple-haired hero stands at the bar, with dialogue options shown: “Greetings”, “Fancy a Quest?”, and “Scram!”
Converse with tavern patrons to learn their strengths and convince them to work for you

Take control during the crawl to fight through monsters, traps, and chance encounters using your hero’s Deck, built from their equipped Gear. Find randomly-generated gear and valuables to upgrade your squad and face tougher enemies to satisfy the King’s demands.

A mage casts a fireball spell at a forest faeline, a catlike monster made of leaves and roses.
Engage in turn-based deckbuilding battles using loot you find in dungeons

A story line featuring a cast of characters complimented with a variety of side quests and other stories takes the game way beyond a loot grind.

A skull-emblazoned tome held aloft by a skeletal hand pedestal.

Play Experience

Fans of business sims like our previous game Fiz will enjoy Thirsty Heroes. In Fiz you use Market Research to design and sell beer, whereas in Thirsty Heroes you utilize dungeon research to outfit heroes to fight. The added element of random loot generation and turn-based combat add richness to the experience.

This game was designed to combine my love of management games with my obsession with loot dropping games like Diablo or Path of Exile. I wanted to have many heroes, manage my gear, and not have to rely on a wiki to be able to figure out what the best gear for my heroes was. I wanted strategic turn-based combat instead of active combat so I could chill while I play, and I wanted my heroes to be able to crawl following my instructions, without me having to do everything manually. I wanted there to be a fun and engaging story to make things more than a loot grind. The result is Thirsty Heroes, and I think a lot of players like me will enjoy it!

Follow Our Development Progress

We will be updating regularly as we march onward to release.

Learn More

Check out the game website or stay tuned here as we post more regular updates while working our way toward release.


-Sean from BXB



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