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2 min readOct 6, 2017


Hello from Sean, the founder/programmer/designer here at BXB.

We’re still here! Some (mostly great) life events have taken me away from game development temporarily this year, but Kelly and I are still working on our next game, and I swear it will see the light of day eventually. Unfortunately I’m not able to say when that will be, but I’ll announce here and via our mailing list as soon as I can.

Have a look at a monster from our upcoming game:

A Defeated Slime

As you can hopefully tell from the looks of things, we’re going a lot further with artwork and animation in this one. I’d hate to have another game review like this:

This one still makes us chuckle

Fiz Updates

Speaking of games where the characters just SLIDE AROUND everywhere, I’m happy to say that I’ll be focusing my attention on Fiz for a few months in order to issue some updates. First thing we’re doing is updating the game to support iOS 11 so Apple users can continue playing, that should be ready in a week or so. After that, we intend to add a small content expansion and release a PC/Mac version of the game via Steam! The expansion is designed to be a companion to the main game, so whether you’re the greatest brewer with a million coins or if you just started the game, you can play the expansion content and it will be engaging and rewarding. I’ll also fix a few of the small annoyances of the game, for instance revamping the Markup system, and creating less obtrusive notifications.

Thank you for reading and please consider signing up for our mailing list if you want to be notified when any of these things actually happens!





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